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Peep Mirrors for Hot Rods and Classic Cars

Peep Mirrors for Hot Rods and Classic Cars

In the world of hot rods and classic cars, safety and style can go hand in hand. If your vintage beauty didn't come equipped with side mirrors, or if you're looking to upgrade for better visibility and roadworthiness, peep mirrors are the perfect solution. These compact mirrors not only enhance your driving experience but also ensure the safety of both you and those around you.

peep mirror

Understanding Peep Mirrors: Form and Function

Peep mirrors are essential for vintage car enthusiasts and rodders alike, providing a clear view behind you without compromising the aesthetic of your vehicle. Our range of peep mirrors includes options with 90-degree bent arms for mounting higher on the door sill, as well as straight arms that can clamp onto the door or the top edge of the gutter. Made from high-quality polished stainless steel and chrome, these mirrors are built to last, offering strength and longevity you can rely on.

Features That Matter

  • Quality Construction: Choose chrome or polished stainless steel, our peep mirrors are not only durable but also resistant to corrosion, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance over the years.
  • Anti-Glare Glass: Mirrors can feature anti-glare glass for clear visibility in all lighting conditions, minimising distractions and ensuring a safe driving experience.
  • Adjustable Design: Choose between 3-inch or 4-inch round mirrors, with adjustable heads to suit your specific setup. The arm pivots 360 degrees, allowing you to position the mirror exactly where you need it, with a crowned end to lock the position
  • Easy Installation: Universally compatible, these mirrors are designed for straightforward installation on most hot rods, rat rods, street rods, or vintage car restorations. Each pair includes a rubber seal to prevent vibration and protect your vehicle's paintwork during installation and use.
bullet peep mirror and maltese cross peep mirror

Product Options

Choose your peep mirrors to match your vehicle's unique style and requirements:

  • Mirror Size: Opt for either a 3-inch or 4-inch round mirror head, depending on your preference for visibility and aesthetic.
  • Arm Style: Choose between a 90-degree bent arm for a higher mount or a straight arm for versatile clamping options.
  • Head Style: Opt for the classic slim head or go for more character with the Maltese Cross or Bullet head peep mirror.
  • Finish: Select from chrome or stainless steel finishes to complement your vehicle's vintage appeal.

Enhance Safety and Style

Peep mirrors not only enhance the safety of your classic car by providing crucial rear visibility but also add a touch of custom style. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising down the open road, these mirrors ensure you can see and be seen, protecting both your valuable vehicle and those around you.

In Summary

Investing in quality peep mirrors is a smart choice for any hot rod or classic car enthusiast. Not only do they help achieve roadworthiness and safety compliance, but they also enhance the overall driving experience by providing clear rear visibility. Choose from our range of durable, stylish peep mirrors to give your ride a functional upgrade that doesn't compromise on vintage charm.

Explore our selection today and discover how peep mirrors can transform your classic car restoration project or hot rod into a safer and more stylish masterpiece on wheels.


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