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Part No. CAL-A8592
Brand: Calflow

Calflow's premium ignition wires are designed for superior performance and durability. A spiral-wound core suppresses RFI (radio-frequency interference) and features 500 ohm per foot resistance for excellent performance. Around the core is a fiberglass braid which provides superior pull strength. The outer jacket is composed of premium high-density silicone rated at 450° F and features a quality gloss finish to resist damage from water and chemicals.

  • Suits GM LS engines
  • Wire Diameter: 8.5mm
  • Wire Length: 10"
  • Conductor Style: Spiral Wound Core
  • Resistance: 500 ohms (Ω)/ft
  • RFI Suppression: Yes
  • Wire Jacketing: High-density silicone
  • Spark Plug Boot Angle: 135°
  • Wire End: female
  • Wire Colour: Black
  • Quantity: Full set of 8 plug wires

Note: Intended for Gen III/IV/V LS and LT engines

Part Number: CAL-A8592