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Part No. OES-C3-65-060
Brand: Outlaw Truck Parts

Mitre Cut Style
Exhaust Stack Mega Stack
5 Feet Long – 152.4cm
6 Inch Reduce to 5 Inch OD
Chrome Steel
Reducing Inner Diameter Bottom Type

  • This listing is for a single exhaust stack
  • Exhaust bottom type - reducing inner diameter
  • We trust you can recognise outstanding value at a Super Low Price
  • No-one can beat our prices for an equivalent quality exhaust stack
  • Heavy gauge steel, not light and flimsy like other stacks available on the market
  • Finest mandrel bend
  • Excellent quality chrome on steel
  • Outlaw Exhaust Stacks are exclusive to Australian Auto Accessories/Performance Warehouse in Australia and are exactly the same type and specifications as the stacks supplied to the 2 largest exhaust stack distributors in the USA.

Important Note: Check listing carefully and make certain it is what you want as we will not accept returns on truck exhaust stacks. Phone 1800 722 227 (toll free) or 0401 006 816 if you have any questions.

Note this is a generic photo - not the same length or diameter as the actual item